Tuesday, January 2, 2007



A surge in violence

A surge in United States troops

A bigger surge in violence

An even bigger surge in death, maiming and destruction

A surge in missing limbs, charred flesh and disease

A surge in money for the $500 million US embassy “complex”

Complete with a McDonald’s

Will there ever be e a surge in peace

For a change


Suzy said...

Chuck, I appreciate you posting your poetry.

Have you read the book Friends For 350 Years? I've been sitting on it for months now (the Library Committee will be after me in another year or two) and I finally managed to wade through the first couple of chapters, which were dense and slow going. The middle three chapters, "Reaching Decisions," "The Meeting Community," and "The Meeting and the World" are great. I'm just thinking a lot about what it means to be a pacifist.

poodledoc said...

yes, i read the first three chapters, just kind of petered out. I felt like it was a book I wanted to read and should read of I was gonna be a real Quaker. I'm sure i will. I own the book. I'm findin a lot of direction and solace from Patrica Loring's first boood on Listening Spirituality. She's a Quaker who offers ways to hear God from different traditions. I'm loving it. I am thinking of starting a Quaker apirituality group. What do you think? I also own it and her second bood on Corporate Sprituality. I tried to get into #1 for several years and finaly it just "clicked" this fall.

Mindy said...

Thank you for sharing your poetry, it is beautiful. This poem in particular is very moving.

Suzy said...

Oooooh. Nice photo!

geo said...

Thanks - Chuck - for your creative appropriate words - in such a thoughtful poem!

As we get older, hopefully we find more peace within ourselves which may better help us cope with the insane perpetration of both wars and warlike mindsets both nearby and afar.