Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking for Lulin tonight

Duke and I are heading out to see if we can see the comet! I didn't even know about it til today. I must live in a cave! It's the comet Lulin and it's closest approach is actually tomorrow night, when it's 38 million miles away. I'm going to give it a try. I don't know why I love comets so much. I can only really remember seeing Hale-Bopp in 1996. I had finished a midnight farm call on a winter night. As I was piling my gear back into my truck, in the 10 below Wisconsin air, I looked up and saw it, motionless, it seemed, in the sky. My son was two years old. Dave Matthews was just becoming popular. I had graduated from vet school just 6 months earlier. We'll see what we can see. Hope we get a glimpse since it's supposed to be cloudy tomorrow night. I'll go to the park that runs along the lake by my house. I've seen the Northern Lights twice from that park, always on clear winter nights like this one. We'll see if my luck holds.....


Suzy said...

Shoot, I had no idea about this! It's like finding out your favorite performer was in town ... the day after they played.

I well remember Hale-Bopp. It was stunning.

poodledoc said...

Yes, Hale Bopp was incredible. Remind me to tell you my Osama Bin Laden Hale Bopp story.

I looked for Lulin but did not see it through my tiny binoculars. I almost called Carl to seeif he was looking through his telescope. On Sunday, he said that indeed he was looking through his scope. At least he was able to verify that I was looking in the right place.