Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Democrat's Impeachment Plan Revealed!

In a stunning turnaround today, Democratic House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi unveiled her party's plan for impeaching Bush: "1-20-09", she said, and walked briskly off the stage into a waiting limo.

Pundits were quick to respond. Rush Limbaugh raged against this "insult to the democratic process!" Bill O'Reilly said on his popular "talk" show, that this "cold, calculated political ruse would aid the terrorists".

Other's were more positive about the Democrat's latest initiative. CNN's Wolf Blitzer felt this move demonstrated "the resolve of the Democrat's to hold the Bush administration accountable for it's crimes"

Wisconsin Democrats were generally positive about Pelosi's announcement. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, in a statement from her Madison office said "this is the kind of oversight we need when an administration has become involved in possibly, maybe, impeachable naughty offences. A staffer from US Senator Herb Kohl's office told this reporter that "the Senator has not yet formulated a position" on this historical "line in the sand".

President Bush, contacted at his ranch in the wilds of Texas, where he was clearing brush, promised a veto.

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Suzy said...

What a bunch of losers.