Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Name is Rachel Corrie

A while back, my good friend Luminiferous Ether, posted about the book "My Name is Rachel Corrie". I took her suggestion and finished it yesterday. I found it to be incredibly powerful in its simplicity. It's a pretty "short read" but it stays with you. Feel like I'm being followed by the ghost of Rachel. The ghost is respectful, yet challenging. She's not going away.

So I had this "leading", as we Quakers are wont to call it, that I'd like to help make it possible for this play to be performed in Madison. The fact that I was reading about Israeli "expansion" of their "settlements" into the occupied territories in the giant Fisk book (mentioned in previous posts) only made the Corrie book more powerful.

Yes, it is a "complicated" situation. However, the US government's blind support of Israel only makes this a bigger slauughter than it already is.......

We need to speak out, ask critical questions about this. The Corrie book brings out those questions in a very creative manner.

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Caroline said...

Good morning Poodle,
If you and Luminiferous recommend this book, then I'll have to read it this weekend. I like the idea of a play. Producing it in Madison seems important.

Also, I enjoyed the piece on grannies -- or, as I like to call them, Elders of the Tribe. My dear mom used to describe the moment of ultimate freedom when all of your hairs have finally turned grey.