Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baldwin Announces Listening Sessions

Today I got an email from my Congressional Representative, Tammy Baldwin, announcing her latest round of "listening sessions". Now in the past, OUR REPRESENTATIVE has held her listening sessions at times that are very hard to get to if you actually work for a living. My friend Lumeniferous Ether took off from work to go and challenge Baldwin passionately, as I recall. This challenge obviously had an effect on the now somewhat retiring liberal Democrat. So here's the sessions that have been arranged this time around:

Saturday, November 23rd from 6am to 6:30am at the Rio Stop-n-Go;

Sunday, November 24th from 2-3 at the Randolph Seed and Weed;

Tuesday, November 26th from 6-10 at the Dickeyville Grotto;

Thursday, November 28th from noon to 1pm at Circus World in Barraboo;

Friday, November 29th 2pm to 3pm at the House on the Rock

and wrapping things up on Saturday, November 30th at the Ames Mortuary in Mt Vernon, from 4-5pm

I see Ms Ether has had a powerful effect on Representative Baldwin. Deomcracy in action.


Crayons said...

Hi Poodle,

Yes, I got that e-mail too. I'm going to the Middleton one right after work. I think it's great that she is holding it at an Elders center.

In an age where public sentiment is mediated by polls and soundbites, good old-fashioned organized public exchange approaches an act of dissent.

I thought the scheduling looked ok. I used to schedule events at our museum. Holding anything at night cut out the Elders and the parents. Holding it in the afternoon cut out working people. Anything held in the evening saw very low attendance. We often tried to accomodate a range of groups by varying the times.

You wrote several months ago (I think) about the culture of fear and deafening silence that presides now over the USA. I used to read about that happening in other countries, but never imagined it would come here. I'm excited to be with others and hear a variety of voices.

poodledoc said...

I'm glad you are going to the Middleton session. You make some good points as one who has done scheduling for a wide range of people. I guess I still feel that she hasn't made herself very available. I think the Middleton one is in the evening. Difficult for me to get there, but not impossible. So maybe I oughta try. We'll see.

Suzy said...

I'm going as well. Anyone planning on going, get there early if you want to actually speak. Even an hour to an hour and a half early won't hurt.