Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quaker Faith on this First Day

"What is the Quaker Faith? It is not a tidy package of words which you can capture at any given time and then repeat weekly at a worship service. It is an experience of discovery which starts the discoverer on a journey which is life-long. The discovery in itself is not uniquely a property of Quakerism. It is as old as Christianity, and considerably older if you share the belief that many have known Christ who have not known His name. What is unique to the Religious Society of Friends is its insistence that the discovery must be made by each man (woman) for him(her)self.

No one is allowed to get it second-hand by accepting ready-made creed. Furthermore, the discovery points a path and demands a journey and gives you the power to make the journey"

Elise Boulding, 1954

I put this quote up to share about the Quaker faith, not in any way to dismiss much older spiritual traditions. There are many spiritual paths to follow. Learning to be a Quaker is just one of them.....

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