Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

It's one degree outside. There's at least two feet of snow on the ground. But something keeps me going. I know the start of baseball season is only a month away. Being a life-long Cub fan, I believe in hope. I have to in order to survive. I watch the Cubs year after year. Most years they suck. Often they show signs of brilliance. Pretty human, if you ask me. Last year, the Cubs made the playoffs after some dismal years. Perhaps this year they'll be even better. Time for my annual prediction. Folks, you've heard it here first: the Cubs will win the World Series this year. There, I said it. I'm ready for an exciting year of thrills, chills and likely disappointment. You may ask why? Or who cares, Mr Poodledoc? Is this some kind of perverse addiction? Is Barack Obama a Cub fan? One of my plans today is to contact his campaign and find out. The public has a right to know.

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