Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Growing of Poodledoc, Jr

Wow! Poodledoc, Jr has grown about 6 inches in the last year. (or was it the last month?). Went out to our favorite Chinese restaurant last night, Wong's, with Poodledoc, Jr and another 13 year old boy, we'll call Murphy. Anyway, the food came and I told them we were running a bit late for our next "engagement" and they'd have to eat "efficiently". So Murphy said, "Poodledoc, do you want us to 'Hoover' the food?" Foolishly, in the interest of time, I said yes. I barely got one piece of the chicken dish, a shrimp and a tired looking piece of broccoli. Well, it's one way to lose weight, I guess. Above, I'm sharing an adorable father and son photo taken two weeks ago. Poodledoc, jr has grown an inch or so since this was last taken. Really!


gartenfische said...

Cool picture. Thanks for sharing!

Suzy said...

Awww, look at you two!

By the way, I want to get a corgi and name it "Hoover." (And one named "Shirley" and one named "Ruby" and one named "Violet" and one named ...)

poodledoc said...

Hoover. Good name for a Corgi.