Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hillary, pack up and go home!

Hillary Clinton stating that "the government of Iran needs to know we can OBLITERATE them". This has been rattling around in my head since she said it a week or two ago. It was both what she said, the words, and THE WAY SHE SAID IT. In a tone that sounded so.....obvious. So....rational. So condescending. Her comments are ignorant and evil. She knows nothing of the pain that people suffer around the world. She knows nothing of the agony people would suffer if she chose to "obliterate" Iran. She speaks from a place of arrogance and privilege. She hires her spinmeisters from Fox News. Same old stories. Go home, Hillary. Before McCain bumbles his way into the presidency, the 100 years war in Iraq and "bomb-bomb-Iran" becomes a hit song.

It's shameful the way this got very little coverage in the media. Mostly, the media treats this "race" as a baseball game. It's about the score. Who's ahead. Issues? No time for that.

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gartenfische said...

I heard her say something similar months ago and it scared me. I hoped she was just talking tough because as a woman, she feels she needs to appear as tough as the men. It's scary, either way.