Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Burning Questions

Several burning questions have arisen lately, mostly at the dinner table. Thought I'd share these with my six regular, loyal readers for amusement, if nothing else.

1) Do men and women still have boy and girl "cooties" respectively? OR have their "cooties" grown up in some way?

2) Is the "poop deck" of an old time sailing vessel called that because of it's location at the stern of the ship or because that's where the sailors, um, poop into the ocean? This came up over dinner lsat night because Poodledoc, Jr had just finished up his sailing ship for his 8th grade Colonial Project. I've been sent pretty convincing evidence that it's called a poop deck because of location but I still remember reading IN A CHILDREN'S BOOK that it had to do with bodily functions. There was even a drawing. Yikes!

3) Sauron's eye (shown above, twice). Can we tell what kind of creature he is by examining "the lidless eye" depicted in the Lord of the Ring films? I'm still mulling this over, but this bad guy has a vertical slit pupil, so that pretty much rules out human. No surprise there. So......some creatures that have vertical pupils include cats, vipers, and Republicans, to name just a few.

4) And sticking with the Lord of the Rings theme, what happened to Gollum's eyes? Tolkien fanatics know that Gollum started his life as a fairly normal, hobbit-like creature, with presumably fairly human eyes. Then, he gets this Ring and something happens. His eyes become apparently larger. He becomes photophobic (hides from the sun), develops excellent night vision so he can find Orcs to eat in the depths of the Misty Mountains. Still working on these last two.

5) And, as long as we are on the topic of fantasy eyes, and drifting over to the fine literary classics in the Harry Potter series, how would Mad Eye Moody's eye Magical Eye work? What would we see if we looked inside? (I've examined a lot of eyes, but never a magical one. There's still time, though.)


Suzy said...

Sauron is definitely a Republican.

I don't want to know where the sailors pooped.

Joe Lieberman reminds me an awful lot of Gollum.

And I know you just put the words "fine literary classics" together with the words "Harry Potter" to get my goat (which also have vertical pupils.)

poodledoc said...

Ha, that's good about Lieberman-Gollum! I was thinking that maybe Sauroman (sp?) was a better model for Joe. Used to be a "good" guy, now seduced by the dark side, etc...

The sailors actually pooped in "the head", according to informed sources.

Did Dr Goat have vertical pupils?

Suzy said...

I don't know about Dr. Goat's pupils, but he did have a grandmother who was, apparently, addicted to prescription cold medication.

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