Thursday, December 25, 2008

Red Pines

I could hear the fog blowing through the trees as my head hit the pillow. Air full of water rippling the red pines. Creaking and whistling, the trees have much to say. Planted years ago to become telephone poles. A plan that never worked. Trees that were raised to carry wires an voices from countless humans, sing to me goodnight.


Suzy said...

Merry Christmas, Chuck! And Happy Boxing Day! I'm sure you have all sorts of Boxing Day festivities planned.

I hope the light sabers whereof you speak are Friendly light sabers! (Lame joke turns into neat metaphor, instantly!)

Happy travels.

P.S. It's icy here too. I'd prefer more snow.

poodledoc said...

Boxing Day. I've always wondered what that is all about. For Boxing Day activites, I'm not sure whether to put on pugilistic protection or do some manipulation with corrugated cardboard.

Yes, they were LIGHT sabers. LOL

Now that I can control the weather, I will send you more snow. How much would you like?