Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitchell Commission Kicks Butt

If you care about baseball (and who wouldn't) you will have seen the list of ballplayers said to have used "performance enhancing drugs" in findings published today by a commission headed up by former Senator George Mitchell. The report, all 409 pages, names 85 baseball players, many of them major stars and future Hall of Famers. After scanning the list to see if any players from the Cubs (my favorite team) had been named, I considered for a moment. What does this mean? Does it mean anything? Were these guys cheating? (yes) Why, some of them even lied to Congress. Imagine that! Who would do such a thing!

The answer is of course: most members of the Bush Administration. To my knowledge, none of these ballplayers, whatever their crimes, has ever authorized illegal wiretapping, started an illegal war, engaged in "harsh interrogation" like waterboarding (let alone, torture), performed illegal rendition to secret prisons, or stole an election. Now that the Mitchell Commission has done this very thorough piece of work, I'd like to see Congress give them a new job: investigating the Bush administration, naming names, putting together a report on impeachment.

Don't get me wrong----if the athletes took drugs that were illegal, there need to be consequences for sure. But isn't it only a game? And isn't our government supposed to be "of the people, by the people and for the people"?


Suzy said...

Baseball ... that's right up there on my list of things I love, along with Nicole Kidman and Harry Potter!

But impeachment proceedings? Now, THAT's something I could get excited about!

poodledoc said...

Well, Impeachment would be better than baseball, but I can thin of only a couple things better than baseball and Harry potter is not one of them.....nicole who?