Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brief Thoughts on Being a Leader

I've been known to ask the question: "Where are the leaders of today?" My thinking is, where are the Martin Luther King's, the Gandhi's, etc Sometimes I truly feel lost. I need guidance. I understand the question. I was prompted by a friend's excellent post this morning to verbalize a new answer to the question posed above. The answer is that if just ONE person is inspired or changed for the better by your example, YOU are a leader. When I consider all my friends and acquaintances, for example, and just make a list of the things they do and say, I am awed. I feel hopeful They lead. No, I don't worry that they don't win primaries in South Carolina, speak to huge crowds, give millions to the poor, etc. I mean, that might be nice, but it comes down to the individual. When I wait for someone to come along and lead me, I feel stagnant, cynical and sometimes angry.

So I look around. There are abundant examples of people leading. Teaching passionately in the classroom. Working at a soup kitchen. Fighting for housing. Giving someone on the street $10. Meditating or praying to make a positive change in one's inner self. That peace that comes from within radiates out. Others see it. Others feel it. Other people are moved to act. Not out of a guilt of "not doing enough", a feeling I know well, but out of a feeling that they can make a difference. They probably won't make the front page or be on TV, but I need to remember these people and what they do. It brings me strength as I watch them bring their gifts into the world. I know these are not exactly new ideas, but it helps me to write them down. Thank you friends!

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Suzy said...

We are all leaders when we want to be, aren't we?