Friday, January 18, 2008

Dr Poodledoc Goes to Washington

I'm flying off today to visit my friend Julia in Wahington, DC. I'm looking forward to it. Flying is not my favorite thing. I'm hoping they give me in-flight peanuts, at least. But if they don't, that's ok. Looking forward to seeing my friend!

Oh, and I did turn down an invitation from Dick Cheney to go hunting. I know that flying is much, much safer than spending time with the Vice "President".


no_slappz said...

poodledoc, I see you left a response to one of my posts. YOu said:

"Why don't you check out the stats for violence against women in this country, dude? The incredible rate of date rape, spousal abuse, etc. You have fallen for the Bush BS"

Why don't you tell me the numbers. It's clear you have some in your head.

Meanwhile, what's Bush got to do with rape and spousal abuse? He has not engaged in either one. On the other hand, Bill Clinton humiliated Hillary like no other wife in the history of America.

It's unlikely he physically abused Hillary, his actions unquestionably amounted to psychological abuse. It's bad enough for a women to suffer humiliation in her local social scene. But to be humiliated internationally by her president husband truly sets records.

Furthermore, she initially claimed the stories about Monica were not true, and asserted they were the product of a "vast right-wing conspiracy".

I guess the "vast right-wing conspiracy" was roughly two people, both Democrats, named Bill and Monica.

Moreover, it is the liberal position to accept the word of a woman who says she's been raped without obtaining physical proof.

Like the Duke case in 2006. The police and prosecutor had no evidence to support the claim of a deranged stripper/hooker that she had been raped.

However, they did find evidence of sexual activity occurring between her and several people who were not Duke students and did not attend the Duke Lacrosse team party.

Nevertheless, without a shred of evidence, the prosecutor prosecuted the lacrosse players until it became clear he had fabricated his case. He filed for bankruptcy a few days ago.

The point is this. There are cases of actual rape, and there are false claims of rape. Without physical evidence, it's he-said/she-said, his word against hers.

Tell me how you know a woman has been raped if there is no physical evidence.

Ed said...

Now you're in for it, PoodleDoc. Good luck. What did Duke do? He seems like such a nice, good-natured dog!

I hope you enjoy your trip to DC.

poodledoc said...

I can answer your question, no_slappz, but you picked the wrong post to leave your comment. I'll either write a relevant post or contact you directly....I will say this: the numbers show that when women accuse someone of rape, they are 95% accurate. It's the men who do most of the lying. Physical evidence or not.

no_slappz said...

poodledoc, feel free to leave your answer on any post at my blog.

However, as I said, when there is no physical evidence or rape, the claims boil down to a war of words.

Also, though I'm aware of nothing that supports your 95% claim, in the world of statistics, 95% is not as good as you might think.