Sunday, January 13, 2008

Watching the Packers with Enriched Geranium

So I watched the Green Bay Packers whoop the Seattle Seahawks yesterday with Enriched Geranium (aka Mr Ether) and Poodledoc, Jr. It was fun watching them play in Green Bay's Lambeau Field, in a blizzard. The game had to slow down somewhat because it was so slippery. The Packer players looked as though they were having a good time. Throwing snowballs, etc. Of course, they were winning and had rallied from a disastrous start, but still, they looked like they were having fun. Too often, in the wide world of professional sports, it looks so damn serious all the time. But it's just a game! And this brought back memories of playing touch football in the snow when I was in middle school, sometime around the turn of the century. It was fun! So I liked that.

It was fun hanging out with Mr Ether, too. We have both watched enough sports like football in our lives to have heard all the cliches (yawn) that sportscasters use with horrifying regularity: "Bob, the Seahawks need to get the ball in the end zone to score", or "It looks like the momentum has shifted here", or "It (the snow) is really coming down", or "Will Brett (Favre) retire after this year?", or "the running game will open up passing opportunities for the Seahawks if they can get it going". Mr Ether and I could often predict, with frightening regularity, what these guys would say. Scintillating conversation. Anyway, it was fun and in the end, isn't that the point of these games?

Important disclaimer: Yes, I am a Chicago Bears fan. For any Bear fans who are reading this do NOT be alarmed or send me nasty comments. I have not gone over to the dark side. I, like all Bear fans, can smugly remnd Packer fans that even though the Bears sucked this year, they beat the Packers twice. But for now, I'll pull for the Packers


Suzy said...

I am president of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Football Players (PETFP.) Anyone who loves football players DOES NOT force them to play in a blizzard. Football players have experienced severe frostbite and shortness of breath in the cold, plus the snow gets in their eyes and BLINDS them. It is no picnic in the park to be a football player in a snowstorm. It is NOT FUN. The coaches are HARSH and they do not put marshmallows in their hot cocoa after the games. Shame on you AND Mr. Ether (or whatever his name is when he's at home) for enjoying this sadistic pasttime. And to PoodleDoc Jr. I say, "Run away, run away as fast as you can before they try to make YOU play football in the snow!"

poodledoc said...

Actually, when he heard how much pro football players make, Poodledoc, jr did run away, to the Y to lift weights. He hopes to play in Lambeau field. I think being a pro football player is a legitimate career choice. And, I'm glad you are there looking out for their ethics! LOL

Ed said...

I've heard that the coaches often swear at the players, too! Any of them who say otherwise are LYING! I even saw one coach slap a player on the butt on national television! This horrible mistreatment MUST stop!

poodledoc said...

I've always found interesting that "guys" can hug, slap each other on the butt, etc when they score a touchdown, hit a home run, etc.

I'm thinking this wouldn't work so well at the work. Can't see myself slapping the Dean of the Vet School on the butt and saying "Great job on the budget"! No, can't see it.