Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camping: A Quaker Meeting?

We had a great time camping up in the lower Chequemagan National Forest, the lower area, near Medford, Wisconsin. We camped on North Twin Lake. The first couple nights were pretty quiet, with the exception of some folks enjoying fireworks. Otherwise, I liked the quiet. One night we heard a group of coyotes talking to each other. Another day, we heard the call of a loon, until someone started up their chain saw. I liked the quiet while it was thee. There was space to notice things. As in my Quaker Meeting, entering a quiet space and hearing the voice of God. This was a Quaker Meeting of sorts. And God spoke through loons and coyotes and, unfortunately, deer flies! But it was a fragile quiet. Since the National Forest land bordered on private land, sadly, there was noise at various times that blotted out that voice. Maybe it's hard to hear God on an ATV, hurling along the dirt trails. But who knows, maybe that works for someone. Not me. But even with the noise, it was a special time.

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Suzy said...

I know what you mean about quiet. It was hard to come back to noisy civilization after a week on Rock Island.