Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Afternoon: A Whole Lot of Tomatoes!

This afternoon was spent canning tomatoes from the Zephyr Cooperative organic farm in Ms Ether's fine kitchen. I'm a member, as is she. The tomatoes have just started to gush into ripeness. So we picked a bushel or so, messed up Ms Ether's kitchen, and came away with about 30 pints of lovely sauce. It's a lot of work, but feels good at the end of the day. While the tomatoes were cooking, there was time to talk politics, religion and gossip with Ms AND Mr Ether. Their two daughters would occasionally appear and contribute tidbits of wisdom. I love learning to can. It puts away good food for dark winter nights. It is a fun social time. And, it connects me with my grandmother, who canned and froze every fruit or vegetable she could get her hands on. It feels like money in the bank. Only better.

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Suzy said...

Exactly. Money in the bank, only better. Thanks for motivating me to can!