Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dog Intelligence

A recent comment left by Mr Ether to an earlier post claimed that Corgis were more intellignet than Standard Poodles! A bit rankled by this, I Googled "dog intelligence" for the correct information. This site Dog Intelligence Site ranks dogs according to different levels of understanding commands. 79 breeds are listed. The top ten, according to this site are, in order:

1: Border Collie
2: Poodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3: German Shepherd
4: Golden Retriever
5: Doberman
6: Sheltie
7: Labrador
8: Papillon
9: Rottweiler
10: Australian Cattle Dog

According to the site, these dogs are "able to understand new commands in less than 5 repetitions" and "respond to a first command 95% of the time". Well that describes my Standard Poodle. NOT! But he is working on a Masters Degree in Science.

As for the Corgi, according to this site, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi comes in at #11. Not bad, but not quite good enough to get into a GOOD obedience school!

The least intelligent dog is the Afghan Hound, which barely beat out the Shih Tzu for the bottom of the doggie IQ barrel.


Ed said...

After a bit of research, I found that your list was compiled and distributed by Karl Rove, a self-proclaimed anti-Corgi activist and Standard Poodle owner. It's a sad state of affairs when such anti-Corgi propaganda is accepted as fact. I have to admit, it's pretty hard to argue with the Border Collie's intelligence.

Suzy said...
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Suzy said...

Who taught you to spell "intelligence"? A standard poodle?

poodledoc said...

Karl owns a venemous snake. Surprised?

geo said...

Obama - should get some form of a Doodle- so he can combine the Poodle intelligence and Hypo-allergenic state - with something else -whether big or small.

Rojo - our Labroodle- must be related more to Ms. P, the Tina Fey imitator, than more illustrious others.

Suzy said...

Wait ... corgis can do all those things. They just don't want to!