Monday, November 3, 2008

The dog says it's time to go.

November and it’s still so warm
says my dog.
Is it a zephyr, he asked?
I said I didn’t know
as we started on our evening walk.

On the sidewalk, along the lake, warm wind
but somehow a chill
blew into my body
raising goose bumps.
A warm chill.
Not scary.
Beckoning me and my dog
down to the shore
amongst the tall trees.
Cradling and wrapping me in fingers and blankets unseen.

I ask questions into the breath wind.
God, I’m worried, anxious and scared.
Tell me, God, who will win the election?
A feeling fills me
with more warmth
and certainty.
God is saying
there is a plan.
I might not see it or understand.
But God has a plan.

Even if the “bad guy” gets elected?
Are you kidding me?
Are you messing with me, God?

I have a plan, said God.
Not a voice.
Instead, a shimmering, rolling heat down my nerves
branching out to tickle every cell, every chromosome, gene and nucleotide.
Stunned and curious,
I plunk my self down on a bench by the river mouth
And soak it up.
After a time
And some tears
The goose bumps leave me.
The dog says it’s time to go.
So we head home.


getyourleash said...

I stumbled upon your blog looking at Quaker wedding ceremony information. I am considering a Quaker wedding. I and divorced and cannot imagine going through the Catholic ritual again. And I'm not about to pay them 1,500.00 to annul my first marriage so I can pay them a few more thousand so I can have a certified Catholic bagpiper in the church and well, I digress...
It's a lovely blog and I have loved dogs since my first Mastiff when I was 4 years old. Many dogs later, I am the steward to a Boston Terrier and a Lab/Dalmatian mix. I will continue to read your blog, it's a good read. Nice to bump into you and the blog!

poodledoc said...

This Quaker wedding will be my second wedding, first as a Quaker. I'm looking forward to the wonderful simplicity.

Dogs are great! As a veterinarian, I've seen lots of dogs over the years. Currently, I live with a black Standard Poodle named Duke, age 9. He's been with me through some tough times and now some good times. Thanks for stopping by.

Julia said...

As someone who is looking forward to her own Quaker wedding(to Mr. Poodledoc!) and has been at her siblings' Quaker wedding ceremonies, I would speak in favor of Quaker weddings. (Perhaps more on that next July!) But they are usually done with the involvement of the local Quaker meeting. You could go to "" and type in your zipcode to find the Quaker meeting nearest you, and drop in on a Sunday and experience the hour-long Quaker worship. Some people say that from their very first visit, they feel "at home" in a Quaker meeting. Others find the silence hard to absorb at first. (One could feel both feelings at once). So I encourage "getyourleash" to visit a Quaker meeting. There also is the option of holding a ceremony "in the manner of Friends" where it is more of a "do it yourself" ceremony, in the manner of Friends, and not formally under the care of a Meeting. But perhaps your interest in a Quaker wedding will lead you to an interest in Quakerism.... an interest I would gently encourage you to explore, at your own pace.