Friday, April 6, 2007

Trying to go slow, listening to Bruce

Sitting here with my left foot elevated listening to Bruce. I have a third fractured metatarsal in my left foot. It showed up on yesterday’s X ray. My foot had been extremely painful and swollen for two days. I went to Urgent Care. Happily, a friend was the doctor there. He showed me the fracture, consulted the orthopods and told me to stay off the foot, handing me some aluminum crutches. Why is this happening? He said I walk more than normal, puts stress on my feet. He suggested that the initial “insult” to my foot happened in December. Maybe that’s when I fractured the 2nd metatarsal, the third gave way in February, and this 4th metatarsal a couple of days ago. If I keep walking on it, the 5th will fracture as well. So I’ve had to slow down my life. I’ve been arranging dog walking and my friends have been SO great.

Yes, slowing down, that’s a challenge. Well, here I am, surrounded by books and planning to watch the Cubs in a bit. My son is gone and I miss him. Back on Easter.

My mom laughingly said “you’re falling apart” when I updated her last night. To which I replied, “Yes, I’m scared what I’ll be like when I’m your age!” We both had a good laugh.

Yes, I am aging and trying to accept that. I’ve realized one thing about my recent medical history: I will never be a major league baseball player in this lifetime! But I have many other blessings…………..

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Suzy said...

I'd check all the fine print on any medications you've been taking. More via email.