Sunday, April 29, 2007

TV Shows for Politicians

American Idol

I’ve never watched this show, but I read somewhere that more Americans watch/vote for contestants on this show than vote in the Presidential election. So my idea would be to have all the candidates appear on American Idol. (Let's call it American Political Idol). Then a panel of celebrities would make nasty comments (Sean Penn, John Stewart, for example), while the folks at home could use the internet to vote for their favorites. After weeks of sifting and winnowing, the President would finally be selected. Let’s bring the People back into Democracy!

I’m thinking of what the different candidates might sing:

Hillary Clinton: “Stand By Your Man (especially if it helps your political career)”

John McCain: Mama Tried……..“I turned 21 in prison, doin’ life without parole…..”

Barack Obama: “I Walk the Lline”

Tommy Thompson: “What Made Milwaukee Famous (has made a fool out of me)”

Dennis Kucenich: “I am a Man of Constant Sorrow”

Imagine that. No attack ads. Just pure, holsum, family entertainment. And remember folks, the winner gets a recording contract good for four years! How cool is that?
Any more suggestions?

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