Friday, June 29, 2007

Off to the Quaker Gathering Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning its off to Friends General Conference, the yearly gathering of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). There will be about 1600 Quakers descending on University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The vast majority of these, including myself come from the "un-programmed" branch of the Quaker tree. That is, we have no pastor or priest, no liturgy, no singing. We sit and worship in silence. If God gives us a message, we may,if we choose, stand and share our "ministry". Otherwise, all is silent. This feels good to me. But at these gatherings (this is my third year in a row) there is a powerful feeling of the Spirit. I come away feeling renewed spiritually. And I have a lot of fun! Quakers do talk! And laugh! And sing! My workshop which I'll attend is called "Worship with Attention to Healing and Laughter". This is the first year Poodledoc, Jr is going. He's working with other kids to build some huge puppets for the show Wednesday night. If my computer cooperates, I'll write more on this blog about the Gathering in the coming week. Now I'm done packing, I read about the Cubs who've just won 7th straight and I have a long day of driving. I have to go pick up Poodledoc, Jr at his first "away from home" camp, then drive for five more hours. Sounds like an adventure to me!

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