Monday, October 8, 2007

Outrunning My Guide

Lately I've been pondering the notion of "outrunning one's guide". I'm thinking of it as a Quaker phrase, but I think this idea exists in many different spiritualities.

But I've been feeling tired, like I have not been listening to that internal guide, which for me is the Spirit (which I also call God). People have different guides, but that's there business, not mine. I'm only saying what's true for me.

I'm thinking that for the last four weeks I've been working with the Young Friends, which I like very much. I always find it fun, hunbling and inspirational. But I haven't been to Meeting for Worship for that time. I have actively made time to listen for the Spirit's voice. And that has worked.

But missing Meeting, a group experience of listening for God is different than sitting by the lake watching the sun set. One is not better than the other, the individual and corporate experiences I have as a Quaker are different. Connected, but different.

So, this next First Day I will be in Meeting for Worship, listening.

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