Friday, June 20, 2008


I liked this prayer/poem by a Quaker, so thought I'd share it-------

by Brian Dunn

Eternal Spirit;
Oh, thou infinite ocean
Of love and light
In which we live and move
And have our being,
Awaken us, we pray.
Open our eyes
That we might see
The beauty and wonder
Of thy creation;

Open our ears
That we might hear
The still, small voice
Of thy Word;
Open our hearts
That we might respond
To thy indwelling presence
In every living creature.
In the dark labrynith
Of our pain and separation,
Sustain our faith, oh Lord,
And hear our prayer;
Illuminate the path
That will lead us home to thee,
And grant that we may be
A light to those we meet
Along the way.


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