Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Off to FGC!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, we don't have an ice hockey team.

No, we don't make oats or dress like the Quaker Oats guy. Plus, we dont' all look so....jolly.

But we do try to take stands for social justice in many areas.....

Friday morning it's off to pick up Poodledoc, Jr from Camp Itchybottom up north. Then it's off to Johnstown, PA for the week long Friends General Conference Gathering. It's an annual event that brings together Quakers from all over. It's a week of fun, workshops, worship, seeing old friends, and making new ones. I'm taking a workshop entitled "Courage for the Dark Nights and Deserts". The description reads in part: "Faith journeys include periods of fear, dryness, reproof, and doubt. Courage and understanding help. This workshop is designed to build up both our collective courage and our Quaker understanding". Who knows what will happen?

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Suzy said...

Your workshop is called "Courage for the Dark Nights and Desserts"? Which dessert do you think takes the most courage? I vote for bread pudding, although rice pudding is right up there. Anything pudding for that matter. Ice cream, now. That takes no courage whatsoever. It's as natural as breathing. Bon Voyage! Have fun at gathering.