Sunday, June 29, 2008

FGC Ukelele

Poodledoc, jr and our friend Muir arrived here at FGC yesterday. We were grumpy (well, Muir wasn't). It had been a two day car ride through Chicago road construction. We got here, and lots of folks were tired. Lots of frazzled Quakers. Finally getting a chance to sit down (and do Poodledoc, Jr's 3 metric tons of dirty laundry). Trying to avoid going to the FGC Bookstore. Ha! That won't last.

Poodledoc, jr is taking a ukelele workshop and really enjoying. After his fir session this morning, he'd learned two songs. He's working on "Stairway to Heaven". He's thinking of buying one for the trip home. That should be fun.

But, all kidding aside, the much maligned ukelele has a serious history. But maybe I'll save that for another post. My laundry is almost done!


Ed said...

Looking forward to the history of the ukelele!

Suzy said...

Ukelele? Really? I thought you were kidding in your email.

How is the baked Alaska coming?

poodledoc said...

I never joke, Suzy.

As for the desserts, we've pretty much had food fights every day. My baked Alaska is on the wall of some classroom now. I call it "art". LOL