Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Garlic Awakens

We planted the garlic last November. It "slept" all winter. With the thaw it "woke up" like so much does in Spring. Lst night we had a work party at Zephyr organic cooperative farm, on land owned by John, Robin and Sue. There were ten people, three dogs, and five million mosquitos, but a lot of work got done. (How DO those weeds grow so fast!) Poodledoc, Jr worked hard, side-dressing sweet corn and thinning it out sweet. People worked with concentration, sometimes alone with the plants and the soil. Other folks moved in and out of conversation. The sun was just getting ready to set when John came running up with six garlic plants that had just been born from the soil. It was exciting to see that the garlic was ready; the cloves/bulbs were huge. Then Eric came up with some newborn redskin potatoes. It is satisfying to see, at some level of the soul, the food coming out of the ground after the hard work that many people put in to make this happen. It's like a miracle.

And the dogs enjoyed themselves, too, as far as I could tell. Duke at some dirt. He said it was good.


Suzy said...

Did Duke try the dirt with Garlic? Gardening is so much like magic. Potatoes and garlic are two great examples. You put a little something in the ground, ignore it for months (in the case of garlic, all winter) and then, voila! The farm was too much of a commitment for me the year I participated, but I love hearing about your adventures there. I miss the conversations over
a row of vegies too.

poodledoc said...

He made a salad out of weeks, stir fried some garlic and taters, added some cumin, baked for 10 minutes in the sun and chowed down. Bone appetite!

Ed said...

It seems to me it would be more of a miracle if all this stuff appeared without anyone doing any work. Give yourselves some credit for all the effort you put in to it! Sounds awesome!

jbixleri said...

In between the sleeping and the wakening there was all that weeding we did the day I was out visiting. The community working together made it fun -- til the raised dust/dirt from the hoes made my allergies go beserk.

Glad Duke got out to the farm. It's a good place for a dog.