Sunday, July 13, 2008

McCain 'elated' at Green Party announcement

(AP)-Helena, MT. During a town hall style meeting, in Wheeler, a Helena, MT suburb, presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain said today that he was "elated" at the announcement by former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney that she would campaign as the Green Party's candidate for president. McCain, obviously pleased, told the crowd of cheering admirers that "she can do for us in 2008 what Nader did for us in 2000 and help us win a close election. Heck, we won't even NEED to steal Florida!!!!"
A McCain political stratagist, Reggie McCloud, told this reporter that "we were actually worried a couple years ago that the Green Party might start planning immediately following the 2004 Bush win and build a viable third party that might actually hurt us." Luckily, he added "they tend to do things at the last minute based on ego instead of practicality in the Green Party, so all they'll really do is hurt the Dems which will make my job a heck of a lot easier".
McKinney's campaign manager, Arnold Mcwannabe, called this talk "a bunch of twaddle". "The Republicans stole that election and they stole 2004, so we need to run to keep America honest since the Democrats have shown no willingness to make change". When asked if McKinney would consider a vice presidential spot with Obama, Mr Mcwannabe called this "a bunch of twaddle". Dr Arnold Schwebble, a professor of political science at Georgetown University feels that "this will hurt the Democrats as disaffected voters will go for the Greens, leaving the country in the grips of the Republicans." Our country "will continue to suffer" for the Green Party's "foolishness". As my mom would say, time will tell.

Of course, some people feel there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans so what does it matter if they vote for McKinney and the Greens? "They're ALL a bunch of crooks", said Bill Richards, of Madison, WI, who told me he was planning to write in his dog, Misty, since at least Misty "didn't lie to him all the time."

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