Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How many platypuses?

How many platypuses are in this picture?

(click on picture to make it large enough to count)

The answer will be revealed in an uupcoming platypus post. In the meantime, loyal readers, go for it..........


Suzy said...

Isn't the correct plural "Platypi"? I'm sorry, I'll have to downgrade this post for grammatical errors.

I wonder what platypus pie would taste like.

Duke would probably like it.

poodledoc said...

Ha!!!!!!!!!! Before "writing" this post, I looked it up in Webster's and the plural of platypus can be EITHER platypuses or platypi!!!

And...........I noticed you didn't take a stab at answering the question of how many platypi are in the picture?

The correct answer, in the unlikely event that you are wondering is 16.

And actually, Duke would rather have a platypus as a pet than eat it.