Monday, July 2, 2007

FGC Gathering, Monday Evening

Tiring day. Started out with Poodledoc, Jr, hitting the energy wall. He went to his workshop and I ran off to mine. During the opening worship of my workshop, I sent healing energy towards my son. I realized that he was in God's hands at that moment, that things would be ok. It took a load off my shoulders, knowing that God was looking after him.

My workshop was interssting. More on the life of George Fox, particularly his healing work. I sat down in the chair with the little blue stuffed bunny in it, 'cause I was feeling a little blue. I'd forgotten how nice it was to have a stuffed animal, since I abandoned all mine whe I got growed up. Then we broke into small groups to share healing experiences and jokes. When we got back together, we shared jokes and healing experiences. Tomorrow, we're doing a Meeting for worship for healing. I'm interested to do this. Interestingly, I had a pain in the neck at the start of the workshop, since the day had started out a little rough. My neck is where I store tension. Richard, the workshop leader, wanders the room as he and we talk. He stopped right behind me and put his hand gently on the exact spot where my neck felt like a knot. It relaxed. I took the bunny back to my room. It felt good, which may sound strange but it did. Then I took a long, long nap.


Kody Hersh speaking tonight. The man introducing her is very VERY solemn. As if he’s at a funeral. Dressed in black. Very, very odd and uncomfortable inside me. I remember Kody from last year’s Quaker Train. He was (and probably still is!)a very real, loving, unpretentious and joyful person. This fellow sounds like the guy from the Matrix, Morpheus: “What is real, Neo?” I know I sound a bit negative but he is talking so slow and so………….dramatically. Seems surreal to me.

The speaking will come out of silence and then move into open worship, he intones, and takes a seat. A relief to me..

Kody rises and sings a beautiful song. Speaks of transforming ourselves from doing good acts out of obligation to doing it out of a flow of constant service, born of love. There are always humans in need. We can help. We have the choice of compassion and love. Or obligation. Speaks with such clarity, joy and love. I can feel it here, in the last row.

Some of what he said that resonated with me:
So in the Good Samaritan story, do we always see ourselves as the compassionate Samaritan, not the person lying by the side of the road/ When we are in need, wwe are forced to see unexpected spiritual gifts in others.

What gifts can we see in our journeys if we open our eyes?

He talks of how in giving out love, nothing is lost. Much comes to the giver and the receiver. Both.

The second speaker was very challenging to me. I can't even write about her words yet. Maybe later. Now its off to get Poodledoc, Jr and then try to get to bed early. A friend wants a clearness committee on Wednesday to deal with some issues that came up for him today which were very hard and for which he wants loving support and help clarifying. So three or four of us will meet on Wednesday. This Gathering stirs up a lot for many of us. Well, off I go.....

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