Friday, July 20, 2007

Stop the War, Show Some Guts, Herb

Not once in this letter does he say how he voted on the various measures, what part he played in the debate, and what he's going to do about it. Even Feingold says how he voted on these things. What a load of crap! For me, Herb Kohl is what the Democratic party has become. Gutless.
July 20, 2007

Dear Dr.Poodledoc:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the war in Iraq. As you can imagine, on a topic such as this, many people take the time to write to me. Please be aware that I am listening to all Wisconsinites on this critical topic. (no, you are not listening and I'm wasting my time contacting you, ya think?)

The President has misused and abused his authority to go to war in Iraq and failed to adequately plan for the post-war situation. (Really?)

......In late 2006, the President announced his intention to deploy over 20,000 soldiers to Iraq to quell the ongoing violence, most of which were deployed to Baghdad. I heard little in the President's strategy that sounded encouraging. (Really?).........

Over the last few months, the Senate debated several measures that would have directed the President to begin a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq..........
..... Senator Harry Reid removed the defense authorization bill from the floor to be reconsidered later this year, at which point Congress will resume debate on ways to end the war. (talk,talk, many more people will die while the poor wittle senators have to stay up all night. Poor babies.)

.......Congress plays a vital role in the ongoing discussion of the war in Iraq, and as the debate continues on ways to end the war, I will keep in mind your strongly held beliefs. (But what's your belief?)


Herb Kohl
U.S. Senator


Suzy said...

Herb Kohl ... I'd say he looks like a big pink baby, but that's an insult to babies everywhere.

They are all complicit and sometimes I think we're doomed.

poodledoc said...

yes, sometimes I feel doomed, but then I witness something wonderful that one person or persons creates and I feel hopeful.....