Monday, July 23, 2007

"Harry Potter: The Terror of the Ending"

I'm about one third of the way through the Harry Potter book and of course more and more people (including Mrs Ether's daughter) have reportedly finished the book. I live in a kind of scary place where I might overhear the ending. Even Poodledoc, Jr, 10 chapters ahead of me, is making all sorts of apparently meaningful, dramatic noises and watching me squirm, much to his delight.

I have a friend who snatched a kid's book away from him the other night, read the ending, and called me up threatening to tell me the ending if I didn't mow her grass. It's getting out of hand. I need to hide but have to go to work. Oh, the horror. The horror.

PS. If anyone reveals the ending on this blog. I will have them confunded.I'm serious. Really. Well, sort of......

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