Wednesday, July 4, 2007

FGC, Wednesday Afternoon at 4pm: What kind of animal is Gumby, anyway?

Lots of tired parents today. And tired kids. Poodledoc, Jr and I had one of those "parent-child moments" where crabbiness "takes the wheel". He went off to practice his play with the puppets that the kids put together with Heart of the Beast theater. He's excited about the play, I think. They will perform it tonight in front of the entire Gathering. I think it's early to bed tonight. Tomorrow a swim and we may go to a sculpture "garden" recommended by Mr Ether himself.

The healing workshop was wonderful and intense. Five more people asked to be held in the Light for one thing or another. It was almost equally powerful and healing to be in the circle, sending loving energy to the person in the middle. There was a time in my life when I would have sneered at this, but the feeling of energy moving around the room was palpable and wonderful. The Spirit was doing good work.

The workshop leader, Richard, checked in with me before the workshop, to see how I was doing. He told me he thought I should take an animal or two home to protect me if Duke, my dog wasn't around. So I picked Gumby (what kind of animal is Gumby, anyway?) and Tony the Tiger. Somehow, that felt soothing, funny, but not ridiculous.

I left the workshop feeling light but grounded. My healed foot is getting a lot exercise, but feels great at the moment.

Poodledoc, Jr and I tried to squeeze in a rest, but obviouly it wasn't enough!

At around 5, a few of us folks are meeting with a F/friend who also, apparently, had a wounding this week. He wants us to help "anchor" him. I hope I can be present for him.

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