Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

Tomorrow, July 18, is Nelson Mandela's birthday. I don't know how old he is going to be. Tomorrow is also my birthday. There, the similarities pretty much end!

I have mixed feelings about my birthday. I mean, I like to celebrate with Poodledoc, Jr over a good meal. But I miss my dad because in 2002 he died on my birthday. I'm not wallowing here, it's just a mixed emotion kind of day for me. I think, though, it gives me a day to quietly celebrate my life and also his life. If he was still alive he'd be 81. He survived polio in high school, but not 50 years of smoking. Sigh.


Suzy said...

I knew it was your birthday. You share a birthday with my friend Fay and Laura Good.

Didn't realize your dad died on your birthday. I guess I didn't know you as well then.

I was thinking I'd make you a giant deviled ostrich egg.

Potato Prints said...

Happy Birthday PoodleDoc. Wow, three generations of male Poodles in one post. I didn't have kids, so it's something I envy, or at least admire.

My dad left in 2002 also. I can imagaine that your sorrow is still very fresh.

It's a day for you to think about the day in which you came howling into this world. Consider also the hero's journey that you have led up to today. I'm sending you a virtual tofu cake.

poodledoc said...

Thanks for the virtual tofu cake, Potato Prints! It was pretty tasty!

Suzy said...

Oh gosh, I had Housemates who used to make "tofu cheesecake" -- uh-uh. You can call it a cheesecake, but it's nuthin like a cheesecake. I think tofu cookery has come some distance since then.

Oh my gosh, gotta run! I'll be late for my Potato Prints date!

John Greenler said...


Happy birthday my friend!!! (It feels very appropriate that this would be the first day that I post a comment on your blog.) Please take some time to feel quite fine about yourself on this anniversary of your birth. And, pole sana (Swahili for "I really empathize with you") re the anniversary of your Dad's death. Look towards ways that you can move forward with this loss and wound. You are a great person and a very special friend. Hugs, John

PS. Maybe we can find some special storage places for all those great spuds that we dug out the other day. Do you think the military would let us use some old ICBM bunkers?

Suzy said...

Chuck is storing spuds in my pantry. Yum. Maybe I should make a German potato cake for the birthday party.

Suzy said...

BTW, Laura's birthday was last week. But as I said via email, even her husband gets it wrong sometimes.