Sunday, July 8, 2007

FGC, Home After Some Good Pie

Got home yesterday (Saturday) after some good pie with other Quakers at the Norski (Norske?)Nook. Both my son and I were tired, hot and crabby. Not surprising. We unpacked, ordered a pizza and watched the Cubs, who won 7-1 over the Pirates. Arrr!

What a week. The last workshop was interesting, challenging and fun. We told jokes for about 45 minutes. Then Richard, the leader, talked for a bit. He said that he "did more touching" this time around rather than "calling out people's spiritual gifts". He hoped that was ok. I liked his touch. It felt gentle and healing. Then he proceeded to call out my spiritual gift. It was humbling and a little embarrassing. It was basically that my gifts come from my wound(s) and that I am able to be aware of people's feelings, but have trouble because I tend to "take them on". What he meant is that I need to "have better filters" as he put it, which goes back to my earlier post about how to help/accompany a person on their healing path without taking on, internalizing, their painful feelings. I found it humbling because I'm not sure what to do with his comments and embarrassed because he only "called out" my gifts, mentioned no one elses. And I believe that everyone in that circle has tremendous gifts.

I am trying to hear his comments, not try to figure them out. I am trying to let them "settle", which is a Quaker term that I very much like. It means something like-----when you aren't sure which way to go with some very intense information or a decision, that's ok. Slow down. Let go and let God. Find the good in it and let things bubble to the surface. Don't try to force things. Pay attention to nudges from the Spirit. It was an intense, powerful ending to a week of an intense, powerful workshop. But its always a letdown to come home and do the dirty laundry and be crabby. But I'm human and full of contradictions and confusions. Plus its hot.

Now it's good to be home. Poodledoc, Jr and I are sitting around as the temperature soars. The two dogs are lazing about. Its supposed to hit 97 today. Don't think we'll make the dog park today. Need a quiet day at home. Would like to go see the new Harry Potter movie. But everyone else in town (with the possible exception of Luminiferous Ether) will be there so think I'll stay away from the crowds.


Suzy said...

Are you kidding, Poodle Doc? (Or may I call you Poody-Poot?) First thing we did when we got home was hop in the car and go right to the movie theater for Harry Potter! It was GREAT! So sorry you missed it! Want me to tell you what happens? (The butler did it.)

poodledoc said...

Poody-Poot? NOW you're getting personal! Glad you liked the film. I can't wait to see it. I was home watching several Nicole Kidman films with Poodledoc, Jr. What a great actress!!!!

As for HP, I don't think there IS a butler in the films, now that you mention it. No, I'm pretty sure it was Colonel Mustard in the Drawing Room......

By the way, I was reading an article in the Independent Online today. A publication (NOT the Independent!) claims JK Rowling is the greatest British author of all time. Hmmmmmm. Even I found that hard to swallow. I thought it was Dan Brown, actually. Isn't he British? Or that Pratchett fellow? teehee

Suzy said...

The Pratchett bloke ... he's right up there with -- whatshisname -- Will Shakespeare! And the author of Dr. Goat (the ultimate Quaker children's book.)

Nicole Kidman, eh? I can't think of a thing to say that is snide enough.

poodledoc said...

Well, wasn't she married to that tower of modern intellect, Tom Cruise? At least she had the good sense to leave him. Or did he leave her? I don't recall.