Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cub Baseball Pennant Race Update

Cub fans everywhere are cautiously optimistic. The billy goat is long gone. Steve Bartman has changed his name, moved to Philadelphia and is now a Phillies fan. Sorry to any Phillies fans out there!

But last night they won and moved back into a tie with the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the National Leagues Central Division. Now I know some of you (and you know who you are!) are saying, "Geez, Poodledoc, it's ONLY a GAME!". WRONG! There are less than 20 games left and the Cubs have a chance to get to the World Series. Hey, this is important, at least to me. But no, it matters to other folks, too!

After Meeting this past Sunday, I ran into a F/friend whose husband is a very, very serious Brewers fan. At that point, and actually for most of the season, the Brewers have been in first place, only recently overtaken by the Cubs. She made the "it's only a game remark" to her husband recently, after the Cubs had overtaken them, and he yelled at her "IT IS NOT!"

Meanwhile, the St Louis Cardinals are falling farther and farther behind. I 'm shedding a lot of tears. Crocodile tears. Is it Quakerly to shed crocodile tears?

Author's note: I will be bringing you occasional "Cub Updates" on this very blog until either the Cubs self-destruct, Steve Bartman, under an assumed name get's tickets again, or the Cubs win the World Series, which they last did in 1908.

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