Monday, September 24, 2007

The Cubs Tonight

Tonight, the Cubs are all resting, curled up in their den, asleep and not playing any baseball. But, there's always tomorrow, until......there is no tomorrow. Which is a strange thing that happens in sports. People will say the Cubs need to play like there's no tomorrow. But they'll do that..............tomorrow.


Ed said...

Since the Cubs are resting, any thoughts on the Packers 3-0 start to the season? Brett Favre tying Dan Marino's touchdown record? Brett Favre in a dirndl?

poodledoc said...

I am personally stunned by the Packer's 3-0 start which is matched by my also being stunned at the Bears 1-2 start. I'm personally glad that Favre passed Marino. Brett Favre in a dirndl would be highly amusing. Can you arrange this somehow? Pull some strings?