Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remember: "Curing" Erectile Dysfunction Stops a Beating Heart

A friend recently returned from a lengthy stay in Africa.

He was telling me how malaria is a huge problem there. But, for just $8, a person with malaria can be cured. Eight bucks will pay for the full course of malaria treatment.

We wondered how that compared to one tablet of Cialus or Viagra. So today I asked my pharmacist. She told me Viagra was about 9-10 dollars per tablet. So men, next time you are enjoying your "Cialus Moment" remember, your erection equals one human life. And maybe, before your Cialus Moment starts, instead of feeling guilty, you could send some money to an international malaria treatment agency (more info to follow).


Garten said...

Read this post yesterday. On my way home from an appointment, I was thinking of stopping and buying a couple of boxes of my favorite cookies at Whole Foods (yes, expensive). Your post popped into my mind, and combined with my own post from yesterday, made me think, shouldn't I skip the cookies and donate the money to an organization that could help someone who is suffering? Oooh, I wanted those cookies. But once the connection had been made in my mind, I couldn't bring myself to buy them. There are so many luxuries that we can skip (Starbucks!--I don't go there, but lots of people do). We're not talking about deprivation here!

Thanks for this reminder.


poodledoc said...

Thank you for your comment, garten. It means a lot.

John Greenler said...

So, as the friend of PoodleDoc who stayed in Africa, I really appreciate these comparisons. Even though I have been back for nine months now from my second 6-month stay in Tanzania, I still have a difficult time reconciling wants-verses-needs for here-verses-there.

But, what still stands out for me is the fact that in most cases folks in Tanzania are far happier, and far more generous with what little they have, than we are here in the States. I hold that African joy of life in my heart.