Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cub's win again today!

The Cubs won again today. I was actually able to leave the game behind and go can tomatoes at the Ethers. I'm glad I did.

It was more fun than the game. Luckily, though, Mr Ether let me "watch" the game on his computer. I was thrilled when the Cubs held on to beat St Louis once again. Unfortunately, the Brewers also won, staying one game behind the first place Cubs. Grace Ether couldn't quite fathom why I cared. I tried to explain it to her. I think she thought I was a bit.................strange. But, only 12 games left in the season. Will they hold on to first and win the division? Will they win in the playoffs and go on to the World Series? Cub fans everywhere are trying not to get their hopes up. Whatever happens, Wrigley field will be covered in snow and ice and I'll be at home, making a wonderful meal with the tomato sauce we canned today!

Go Cubs!


Crayons said...

Hi Poodle Doc,
I'm breaking my blogging fast to just check in on a few blogs. I celebrate you enthusiasm and passion for baseball. I don't know anything about any sports, but I've always been fond of the song "Take me out to the ball game."

I don't understand the concept of liking a team. They all seem the same to me.

Bravo on the canning. I liked your reflections on the resplendant universe enclosed in the recently canned tomatoes.

poodledoc said...

Nice to hear from you, crayons, and to finally meet you over at the Ethers on sunday. Yes, take me out to the ball game is a classic.

On the concept of liking a team: it involves following a team through life because of a deep-rooted curiousity about what it would be like to actually be on that team (element of fantasy, here), the formation of heroes, to become a fan(atic), and perhaps most importantly, it's a thread through my life since I was 8. Oh, and it's entertaining and allows me to use my colorful language. So that's some of what happens when you "like" a team or follow a team. For me, at least!

Ed said...

I think it also has something to do with the fact that investing energy in something gives it some kind of meaning. Even though, curmudgeon that I have become, I am aware of the pure greed that is professional sports, I can't look at a Packer logo without feeling a bit of the rush I felt as a kid watching the Packers. To me, the Packers represent the very essence of football. I wonder how long it takes for that sentiment to establish itself. Do people feel the same way about newcomers like the Texans? And what about teams that change their logos and colors? Or home cities and names? Yow! It's much simpler being a Packer fan. They'll never move.

poodledoc said...

I follow the Cubs because they have been constant over the years. They haven't built a new stadium (although they did add lights, a true crime). They didn't move to Des Moines or change their logo. It's still a cute little Cub. Good points, Mr Ether!