Wednesday, September 19, 2007

View from the bridge

On the bridge
for 30 years
watching the lemmings
every morning.

Some go east
but most go west.
No clue.

I notice
more and more
every year.

This morning
a wind,
a zephyr,
I'd call it
whooshed through my bedroom
at 5:30
pulling me from sleep.

As I listened and watched the trees tilt
it was clear the wind was rushing
into a vacuum
sucking the lemmings

The lemmings don't know
and don't care
about the vacuum.
They just fill it up
not aware of the coming end.

I rushed to the bridge.
The lemmings were gone
and the zephyr had stopped.

Calm and quiet
like death.
I knew right then
that the bridge
was all mine.

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