Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"I'm not dead yet", says Wilbur

Today I was walking to work and came upon a dog, laid out on the sidewalk, attached to a rope on his back, mouth open, barely breathing. Marshaling all of my prodigious veterinary skills, I carefully reached out and tapped him on the flank. No response. Then I pulled on his back leg. An eye slowly opened. It didn't look good to me. The dog seemed sick, barely alive. I ran to the house, rang the doorbell and a woman opened it. I said "Somethings wrong with your dog!". She smiled and said, "Oh, Wilbur just loves to lay in the sun!" So we walked over to Wilbur, who by now was a fully alert, 12 year old Pitt Bull. He was wagging his tail, friendly as can be. The owner told me that this happens all the time. Wilbur lays out like this and people ring her bell and tell her "your dog's sick" or "we think your dog's been hit by a car". I was relieved and a little embarrassed. But it was a good laugh and a humorous way to start my work day.


Suzy said...

He's practicing "headology" (a TP reference, of course. You have to read the witches' series.)

poodledoc said...

Wow, and I just thought he'd been stupefied by a young wizard or witch........I have SO much to learn!