Saturday, September 22, 2007

New lines on the road..........

We left the meeting
into a breeze
from a mausoleum..
A death wind.

I gave so much.
Reached out my soul
to wrestle with another’s.

My spirit feels bruised.
But mostly empty.
Running on empty.

Sitting, laying, silent in the back seat
car slicing the darkness.

Feeling myself come alive
in the darkness.

I am a fetus,
An astronaut
space walking in amniotic fluid
Landing and bouncing on elastic muscle.
I’ve arrived from a place
I know not where.

Past free-stall barns we ride.
Full of growth
inside slowly munching Holsteins.

The lights catch the highway.
Shiny, black asphalt.
New lines glow bright yellow in our headlights.
A new path perhaps?
Not sure.
Not sure of much, now.
How can a fetus be sure of what it does not know?
Has never experienced?

we stop for gas
under crabby fluorescent lights of a convenience gas station.
The smell is stale soap, tobacco and a tinge of urine.
Has anything really changed this evening?

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