Sunday, August 5, 2007

coyote poem #2

After the big rain
I was walking by the park
when I heard the voice of coyote.
Come over here, he whispered, I have something to show you.
I strolled into the park.
Coyote was leaning against a tree
With a broad smile on his hairy face.

There’s a doorway here
to the spirit world
over here by the lake.
Come quickly before it closes!.

I followed him down the muddy banks to Lake Monona.
The hair on the back of my neck stood up
but I wasn’t afraid.
I noticed coyote’s fur made a ridge along his back, too.

Sit, he commanded, and I found a damp rock.
Trees overhead a cathedral.
Tthought I heard voices, but wasn’t sure.
Felt cradled. Safe. Totally, magically alive.

The Northern Lights danced.
How odd to see them, here, in the summer,
I thought.
A swarm of fireflies circled my head.
Felt dizzy. (coyote was chuckling softly).

They formed into the shape of an alter
No cross, just a peace sign.

All as one
the fireflies shot skyward, rockets
sounding a sonic boom.
They disappeared
among the sky Lights.

By this time
Coyote was gone
So I couldn’t ask him
What it all meant.

I was left with lots of questions
lots of answers.

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