Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun with the Reptiles

I went down to the Orton Fest this afternoon to see Mr Ether play his bass in the Reptile Palace Orchestra. What I like about this group is that they are...............odd. And, they are excellent musicians who are a rock-klezmer fusion band. At least that's what I call 'em. They play great music and have a wildly entertaining stage presence. In fact, they introduced me to klezmer music. I need mention that I grew up Methodist and we had the traditional English and German hymns. Yawn. My grandmother died of boredom singing one of these hymns at her nursing home. Really.

Anyway, Duke Ellington (that's my Standard Poodle) and I arrived a bit late for the start of the set. We sat down for a rest. After a bit, we spotted Mrs Ether doing handwork with some friends. We went over and did some yacking. I saw lots of other friends. The sun was out for the first time in a week or so. I had planned to stay just for the Reptiles and then go home. I enjoyed their set. The band seemed more energetic than in recent memory. So we talked about Mrs Ether's plan of an alternative music festival in an east side park. Other people came and went. Lots of conversation and laughs. That was fun.

After a bit, I went up towards the front to see some other friends. There was an auction going on. My friends were very involved in that. I felt like we were all watching TV. Conversation was pretty much stiffled by the auctioneers. I couldn't make a connection with these friends. Felt like the energy was gone. I felt some sadness about this. So, after a time, Duke and I left and walked home past about a million garage sales. I managed to make it home without buying a book. Impressive.


Suzy said...

I'm glad I was part of the fun, not the t.v. time.

Man, you couldn't walk 5 steps there w/o bumping into someone else you knew. That was fun for awhile, but I was exhausted when I finally got home.

And BTW, coincidentally, Mr. Ether sucked up to BQ and asked him about supporting other east side neighborhood festivals! That was entirely without talking to me at all, i.e. he had NO idea I was thinking of it. Sometimes it's eerie how much that happens to us. (And BQ told him that it has been horribly stressful and he's looking to get out of the impressario biz.)

My garage sale triumph yesterday was finding a copy of Richard Bradford's Red Sky At Morning. It's a book I've been trying to get Anna to read for at least 2 years, and she so steadfastly refuses that it's become ridiculous. I'm going to mail it to her! Bwahahaha.

poodledoc said...

You guys have such a great connection, of course stuff like that happens! I was just thinking that Ed could do an entire festival himself: Motor Primitives, Reptiles, a reunion of The Appliances (that was the one, right?) as well as some other bands he's probably been with. We could call it Feeny Fest, or Feenypalooza. What do you think? Bert Ziperer could MC and auction off Ed's stuff like the lederhosen (sp?) he never wears, stuff like that. All the money could go to pay your kid's college costs!

As for the book, what a mean mother you are, sending your kid a BOOK at college!!!!!!!

Suzy said...

Feenypalooza? EdFest? There were a couple of other bands: The Unemployed, Na Pred, The Infidels … And you mean we could actually get those lederhosen out of the basement?

poodledoc said...

Yes, I think it would add to the festive occasion........