Thursday, August 23, 2007

These Gooberheads are driving me crazy!

"[T]here's a belief among neo-cons that the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] is the one obstacle to a democratic and friendly Iran. They believe that if we were to get rid of the IRGC, the clerics would fall, and our thirty-years war with Iran [would be] over. It's another neo-con delusion, but still it informs White House thinking. And what do we do if just the opposite happens — a strike on Iran unifies Iranians behind the regime? An administration official told me it's not even a consideration. "IRGC IED's are a casus belli for this administration. There will be an attack on Iran."

- Former CIA officer Robert Baer explains the administration’s reasoning for an attack on Iran. (Source: Time)

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Suzy said...

They want their war; they have not profited enough from Iraq.