Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cubs in August, Part 2

I don't generally listen to sports radio. I mean, sometimes it's moderately entertaining to listen to a couple guys yelling at each other about curveballs, but I can pick up a Three Stooges dvd anytime. However, tonight I accidentally turned on some sports radio that follows all Cub games on the Chicago station, WGN, that carries them. Here's the deal. The Cubs won 12-4, they are only a half game out of first place! True, they haven't been playing well (no,I won't use the word "suck" since some of my loyal readers find this objectionable). Anyway, Cub fan after Cub fan would call into this show and moan about some "REASON" the Cubs are a lost cause. It's like they can't deal with success. They can't deal with the team being a half game out of first place. From the weary, broken down voices, I know that they, like me, have had our hopes crushed in August. So I know where they're coming from. I really do.

Then the manager, Lou Piniella, in his first year as the Cub's manager said, "Even though we've sucked in the past two weeks, I think it's great we're only a half game out of first". I admit I get little flutters of hope in my heart when I hear Lou say this, but then I remember: he's only been here for a half-season. He's still an optimist. But isn't that what being a Cub fan is all about? Being optimistic in the face of obviously impending disaster?

It's the middle of August. I think there's still hope.


Suzy said...

Mr. Ether is out rocking & rolling tonight, so I will express his gratitude in your non-use of the "s" word by proxy.

poodledoc said...

So.....I guess the question is: is the "s" word ok if someone else is quoted as saying it, as in my post?