Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tacky Housewarming Gift Contest: Results?

A fun party tonight. Lots of really nice folks. The competition for tacky gifts was pretty stiff. One of the neighbors gave the hostess a tombstone that had the word "Father" carved into it. They apparently found it in their backyard. Another neighbor gave her all the toxic lawn chemicals, now banned, that the previous owners had left in his house. They had "Agent Orange" among these bottles and cans. Then there was the singing Chihuahua and the Sax Playing Santa. Lots of odd underwear-related gifts. Then, last but not least, the sex toys. Blush, blush. There were only a couple of these.

My tacky gifts didn't win in any of the formal tacky categories. I did, however, win the "freestyle" competition. My prize was a lint brush. Life is good.


Suzy said...

What about an egg separator?

poodledoc said...

Who would be tacky enough to give someone and egg separator as a housewarming gift?! That is so low!